Lubbock Construction Litigation

Lubbock Construction Litigation Lawyer, Construction Litigation Attorney, Lubbock Lawyer

The firm has significant experience in construction litigation over both commercial and residential construction defects as well as business related contractual disputes among contractors, owners and subcontractors. The firm also represents several general and subcontractors on an ongoing basis concerning the filing of mechanic’s and materialman’s liens in both residential and commercial construction matters to obtain construction funds for deserving contractors that remain unpaid. The firm has enjoyed success in obtaining principal amounts due as well as attorney’s fees for our contractor clients over the years through engaging in the active filing of liens, trapping of construction funds, claiming against construction trust funds and against performance and payment bonds on both private and government sponsored construction jobs. The firm also represents various commercial property owners on an ongoing basis regarding the contesting and removal of wrongfully filed or disputed mechanics’ and materialman’s liens.